Sunday, December 26, 2010

All I want for Christmas is Vicks

This beautiful story has nothing to do with feathers and everything to do with this blog!  It goes to show you how important a mother's love is and how much it means.  It also shows the impact of "mom" on holiday memories. 

This Hub, All I Want For Christmas Is Vicks, was written by my Aunt-In-Law, Candy.  She's my aunt's husband's sister.  We share zero DNA!  However, she is, as well as her husband and children, very much a part of our family.

When you read it, make sure to read the whole thing because the end of the story at Starbucks is the meat and potatoes of it.  This is where the universal mother pop's in to pay Candy a quick visit and let Candy know her mom is still here with her as all mothers are who have gone on ahead.  Not only are they paving the way for us there but they are constantly finding ways and means of mothering from beyond...  if you allow yourself to be sensitive to it.

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