Monday, October 31, 2011


I was on the road quite early this morning, traveling into the dark greyish morning sky just before sunset. I was on my way to an early morning 12 step meeting. Knowing that it was All Hallows Eve, I spent some time chatting with Roberta. Asking her questions, making some amends as well, asking her favors, of course! And then, how coincidental is this, I rarely visit Roberta's grave, but today, my life's journey literally took me by the cemetery, so, of course, I stopped. As I stood at her grave, I reflected back on my early morning conversation and started to laugh and said out loud, "You know, for all the times I have visited your grave, there's never been a feather here." The words were hardly out of my mouth and right there on the grass next to the top left corner of her marker was this little feather. Then a train whistle sounded TWICE!! So what do you think? Thanks to all my loved ones who continue to watch out for me. Boo! Trick or treat! And, Dad, I wish I had a set of stairs I could block with a wet paint sign just to honor you and everything about you! The things I understand now, but perhaps then, didn't, and the things I still don't get!!

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