Friday, October 8, 2010

Among Angels by Jane Seymour

So, I get a message on Facebook from a school chum.  I went to 8 years of Catholic School with her.  She stumbled, like most do, into this blog and shared some of her own loss and experience with grief and then went on to tell me about this book here.

Among Angels by Jane Seymour is a book about first and formost love.  At least from what I can tell!  I haven't read it yet!  But trust me, I will.  And here's why:

Here's an exerpt from the book which I found at ABC News:

"Mother's Messages: Just after my mother Mieke passed away, my sisters noticed that at their feet--where they always sat and watched her--was a white feather. They looked around the room and found no source of feathers. When they called her close friend to tell her the news, she was in my mother's house, and said she had just discovered a white feather under the portrait of my mother that I had painted.

Since then, Mieke's white feather has appeared in our lives many times in many places. Sometimes it will show up humorously, like at a party we're sure she didn't want to miss. But they most often appear when we are in a moment of indecision, when we don't quite know what to do. James found one in a script he was having trouble working with. I just found one in my girlfriend's car.

My mother lived with an open heart, and we believe she is still very much in our lives. As soon as you see the feather, it instantly puts you into a conversation with her, and you can hear her advice. By constantly reminding us of her presence, she continues to share her wisdom and love with us even though she cannot physically be here."

This to me is just another testment that there's more out there than we sometimes care to believe or feel we're capable of handling.  I look forward to an inspiring read and will share my findings...


djb2 said...

What a trip!

Vern Bradley said...

Wow, thanks for sharing one more inspiring testimony to feathers, David. Love you.