Friday, October 22, 2010


Where do feathers come from?
And tell me this.
How does the feather know
To show up
At just the right time?

I was in Rite Aide,
Shopping for toilet paper,
Not exactly a convenient place
For tears.

But it was one of those moments.
Can’t say sad exactly, but
Definitely emotional.

Missing someone.
Wishing we could be

And the phone rings.
O my God,
It’s you.
Just calling to say
I love you.


As we end our call,
I’m walking out of Rite Aide
Heading for my car.

You probably already figured out
The rest of the story.

There on the asphalt
Is this gorgeous feather.

Where DO feathers come from?
And how does a feather know
This is the moment?

Forgot to mention that the Bank also called today for Roberta!!

Written by Vernon Bradley 

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