Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shoe Feather Part Two...

The moral of the story came to me shortly after:

"Well, I wanted to add something to my story.

It isn't hard to believe in the feathers or from whom they come.  Of course, it is amazing still each and everyone; but the unbelievable part is the circumstances of each feather connection.  Just at the right look out the window. just at the right moment you walk out the front door, just at the right moment... the orchestration is wild and mind boggling.  I have helped Mackenzie wash her hands on a Friday night for 3 years now.  Never ever, ever has she asked me not to look while she washed her hands; and never have I sat down on a closed lid toilet seat while she washed her hands and had I not..... I never would have looked down and seen my birthday feather. 


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