Sunday, September 19, 2010

FWD:So I was just starting to stress out a little...

"So I was just starting to stress out a little bit when I stumbled across this on my way back in the house."

-Jacob Byers

This is from my cousin for those not in the know...  he sent me a more detailed explanation but after careful consideration I realized rather quickly that this is better left a little ambiguous.  The question for you the reader is, what reminders magically pop up for you when you find yourself getting stressed?  How does the Universe and those that have gone ahead remind you to stop and take a breath?  What will you find today?

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Vern Bradley said...

I live way too stressed, even tho I have not bitten my fingernails for over a month and got a manicure on Friday. I think the poetry that seems to pour out of me these days are my daily feathers. I practice breathing A LOT!! Sounds funny doesn't, practice breathing, but I bet most of you breathe very shallow most of the day. Anywho, David, thanks for keepint this blog going. It's my feather for the day!
Love you and love your beard!