Friday, September 24, 2010

This one's a keeper.

More often than not I don't "keep" the feathers I find.  Considering I'm not in the pillow or mattress business and that I find enough to do so, I usually just take a picture, write a little something and then move on.  However, after seeing this one the other morning in the parking lot on my way to work, I decided to keep this one.  It was full and lovely and reminded my of an old school pen.  Like something used to sign the Declaration of Independence.

So after I took the picture I put it in my briefcase and brought it home.  Well, sometimes life get's in the way.  It stayed in the briefcase for a few days.  Easily distracted at times I let this feather hang out in the briefcase until it's new home presented itself to me.

Most of the time, the finding of a feather has some significance or meaning.  At least it does for me.  Hence this blog.  For me and for you the reader, the finding of these feathers and the reading of this blog is the Universe's (God's) way of reminding you about some principle, behavior or action.  Even something as simple as "you're not alone" or "you are loved."  These reminders are important as daily life can easily distract you from the reality that there is more out there then these 3 to 4 dimensions we experience in the physical world.

This feather was just found.  I couldn't see or hear any real reason for finding it.  Yet it was a rather large and lovely feather.  What was the meaning?  It was early on a Saturday morning, I was about to walk into work, I had been listening to an audio book called Sell to Survive, my mind was relatively clear.  I wasn't deep in thought on some specific topic.  So what's this big ol' feather all about?

Sometimes I get paranoid and wonder if it's a sign that I'm going to die soon...  How's that for an over active imagination???  When I find a feather near a cross walk, believe you me, I'm looking both ways!

But not today; not this feather.  So it goes in the briefcase waiting to find it's new home. 

A few days later, I find the spot.  I placed in on top of our CD shelf that has pictures of me and the wife.  And to make sure it doesn't blow away I rested it under a black and white salt and pepper shaker of two people embracing.  Forget the "color" aspect of it just for a second because that's too obvious.  Look at where it is.  This goes in to remind me and us the value of differences in a relationship and how two individuals can come together to form a whole.  I am unique and my wife is unique.  We function independently of each other.  I don't "need" her to survive.  She can "live" without me.  But now that we have found each other and have chosen to live our lives together, we form a unit.  Like salt and pepper.  Both good by themselves, but together, make a great combination that enhances the flavor of almost any dish. 

This feather stands out in bold relief to remind us to appreciate the healthy differences in the people we have chosen to be in our lives.  From your spouse to you co-workers to your friends and family.  Each one of us has something to bring to the table that can enhance the flavor of the relationship.  My wife brings patience, compassion, understanding, and deep, deep love that leaves me, more often than not, in awe of how blessed I am and how grateful I am that she is here to season my life to the fullest of flavors.

For those of you reading and thinking about ways to season your own relationships, you might want to add "From the Frying Pan To The Jacuzzi" to your library.  It is a very useful book my father wrote about success in relationships.  Whether you're in one now or not doesn't really matter.  What does matter is that you have the tools to succeed in not only a marriage but in all relationships you have.  If you deal with people, you have relationships.  Those people will be different from you.  How will you manage?

What I am left with here is that all feathers found have a message.  If not right away, sooner or later.  As always the key is to remain open to the message and be aware of the presence of Universe and how it will point out to you the path you need.  It will never be late and it will always arrive right on time.


Candyce said...

Beautiful essay David. I found a feather the other day after having 10 kids from the age of 6-12 in my kitchen making muffins. As the last minivan pulled away from my curb, I looked across my lawn and there was a bright blue-obviously not naturally blue, feather. I felt it was your mom saying hi and congratulating me on controlling the chaos in my kitchen for two hours. And for having fun while doing it.

Vern Bradley said...

Yes, the feathers are always right on time. I haven't found a feather feathers lately, but I have been considering my daily love poems as feathers because they just come floating out of me. And thanks for pitching the book. It is a very very good read.