Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Dancing Feather

This little guy was attached to my neighbor's door mat. As my wife and I stepped out to have dinner with her parents.  In the cool evening Summer breeze this little feather danced around the mat. Welcoming the coming evening and celebrating another pass of the sun across the sky. I often remember mom in the evenings. From preparing dinner when I was a child to welcoming me home after work when I still lived at home.  I would often find her sitting in our Lazyboy and listening to the classical station.  In the later years, when I was a waiter, I'd be leaving for work as evening approached.  Those nights in front of the T.V. got traded in for "responsibility" and "adulthood."  It's amazing how rituals like dinner and T.V. can go from ordinary to significant and special with one turn of the cycle of life.  Which, by the way, is always turning at full speed.  This dancing feather let's us know it's OK to slow it down for a moment to enjoy these ordinary moments or maybe take the same moment to put into perspective what Dan Millman says, "the are no ordinary moments."

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