Sunday, June 6, 2010

Previous Feather Findings and Why this Blog

This feather had actually attached itself to my car door.  It was July 4th 2009.  July 4th is the anniversary of my buddy Jeff Hadley's death.  He passed away in 1994.  He was hiking with a girl and fell from a high cliff.  Jeff was quite dear to me.  So having a feather on my car door on the 4th of July is significant to say the least.  My mother was always and still is, very compassionate.

These feathers can arrive for no apparent reason too.  Or so it may seem.  Many times I find myself racking my brain about the meaning of some of the feathers I find and I don't always have a good answer.   Until the little voice in the back of my head, speaking for my mother says, "since when did I need a reason to say hello or tell you I love you or remind you I'm with you?"

I wonder if this blog will wind up getting me committed... or at least a really strong prescription?

Ah, but I have proof!  Pictures!  Ye of little faith!  I don't have the answers.  I don't know.  Because another little voice in my head, most likely my ego or perhaps the Conscious self as Dan Millman puts it is trying to convince me that it's all one big coincidence.

Well and that's why we're here really.  If I document these discoveries and tell you why they are important to me and what significance I can find in them, perhaps we can finally feel a little more connected to the great beyond.

I ofter think of Harry Houdini and his quest to connect with his mother after she passed on.  Houdini spent so much time and energy busting false Mediums and Spiritualists that I think he may have inadvertently closed himself off to the very thing he so desperately wanted.

The Mini Cooper feather was in front of me at a stop light.  This feather sighting dates back to 2007.  On my way to work.  This feather showed up at a time in my life shortly after I stopped drinking.  It was a difficult time for me as a lot of unreleased grief was releasing itself.  This was one of those signs that reminds me every thing's gonna be alright. 

It's just up and to the right of the license plate, next to the "Cooper"

Is it possible to fully connect with Spirit?  Eventually we will all join with the ash and dust.  The appointment with Infinity, as Wayne Dyer puts it, is an appointment we cannot avoid.  For me these little bread crumbs disguised as feathers are tiny sign post along this journey of life.  I don't know if I'll ever get definitive proof or not.  I guess that's why it's called a mystery, but I do know that something wonderful and magical is happening here and I'm going to document it here in front of God and cyberspace.

You're welcome to follow along...

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