Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Post training and preworkout feather

So I trained two clients today.  One guy tells me that he learned more from me in one day than the five sessions he had with another trainer.  Que swollen head.

As I prepare for my own training session today, I'm getting a Kettlebell from my car and low and behold on the ground where I was going to set the bell down was...  yup, a feather. 

Clearly that meant, don't set the bell down here.  So I moved over, set the bell down and fired off a picture. 

Shortly there after I met an old Russian guy named William.  William was the best rest period I could had had between sets.  He was 72 years old and not only did he recognize my Kettlebells, he told me about his time training with the Girya (kettlebell in Russian) in the Russain army back in the 50's. 

These are priceless moments that you never, ever want to take for granted.  It will continue to be amazes and astonished me how the Universe will constantly throw up little sign posts along the way of life.

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