Thursday, June 10, 2010

A letter from Carol

Hi David,

Thank you for sending me your feather blog. I'm teary as I write you this note to you. Your writings about your mom and her feathers are beautiful and moving.

You don't know it, but your mother helped me through an extremely difficult time in my marriage. In 2000-2001 Mike wanted a's a long story and I am glad to share it in detail with you sometime if you like.... I was convinced that we could make it together and return to a happy marriage...but Mike was not convinced.

Your mother sent me feathers at the bleakest times. When I was afraid, I'd find a feather. When I didn't know what was going to happen next, I'd find a feather. When it looked like he was going to leave me for sure, I'd find a lot of feathers.

At the time Marianne said that Roberta was a strong believer in marriage. With her feather gifts she was bolstering me and believing in my marriage with me.

Long story short...the power of your mother's love helped not only keep our marriage together, but helped it grow and blossom into a joyous union. Today Mike and I are so grateful for the strength of our marriage. It was forged in the fires and came out stronger than it was before. We have one of the happiest, most fulfilling marriages of all the couples we know...thank you Roberta.

We have a framed print in our bedroom of three feathers. It is a daily reminder of the power of love and of your mom's steadfast belief in our marriage.

Keep writing your feather'll have me as a lifetime reader!

Much love, Carol

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